Legacy Launched : Buyers

Biggest Opportunity or Biggest Mistake of Your Life?

No matter how many times you go through an acquisition, those two questions are the ones that rattle through your mind during those 2 a.m. worry sessions. (Trust us — there will likely be a few sleepless nights for all of us)

CVG specializes in giving you peace of mind through a combination of analysis, testing, and leveraged experience from numerous transactions. If you know what you are doing, acquisitions can be tough — ignorance is not bliss.

Knowledge, diligence, and stamina will be rewarded, but it can sometimes be a grueling process that we will have experience together. It is never easy, but rest assured, we can get the job done, as a unified team.

How Can We Support You?

Be the exception to the rule — FINISH STRONG.

Before the Letter of Intent (LOI)

How do you know if a deal is right for you? CVG’s initial review process assist potential buyers in determining the financial and operational strengths of a company and identifying issues prior to an offer, giving the confidence to make the right purchase at the right price.

Often times, the best defense attorneys were once the most tenacious prosecutors. Let us give you that type of benefit as we find a business that is right for you. Do not overpay, get bad terms, or be without a plan to enhance and improve on the current valuation of the company.

We review seasonal patterns, trends, customer concentrations and management to ensure all the risks are both identified and understood before you engage a target company.

Due Diligence

After an offer has been accepted by the seller, due diligence can provide both peace of mind as well as a starting point for post-acquisition financial process improvement. A smooth hand-off and transition period is critical.

We conduct detailed financial analysis and reviews including proof of cash and quality of earnings testing to provide buyers a comprehensive view of past financial performance, potential risk areas and an assessment of cash flow prior to finalizing a purchase agreement.

Financing Memorandum

Our financing memorandum is a comprehensive and concise package designed to communicate a funding or lending opportunity to potential investors or lenders to accelerate the closing process for acquisitions. We will work toward receiving a letter of intent from the investor or lender. Financing is a key element, along with contract negotiations and due diligence, to get to the closing table. Experience in navigating this part of the process can greatly enhance the ease at which a transaction progresses and then ultimately closes.

Business Valuation Reviews

For buyers, our valuation processes are focused on either reviewing valuations already performed or utilizing our own valuation techniques to ensure that a detailed review of financial and operational performance has been conducted. Often times a successful process involves ensuring the seller understands the true, realistic value of their business. These reviews are often conducted prior to making a bona-fide offer but can also be done on a stand-alone basis or as part of the deal terms.

In addition, we provide certified valuation services to lenders as part of the funding process. Our valuations also comply with Small Business Administration (SBA) requirements and can be tailored to address specific bank needs. We will help you navigate the various options in financing a transaction and help you decide which one will work best for you.

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The two principals of CVG are Jim Millar and Dan Lucas. They have been providing companies with CFO and strategic event navigation for well over 50 years. They have provided companies of all sizes with strategic accounting consultation, capital structuring, tax planning, and financial analytics to support and clarify complex financial transactions.


CVG specializes in providing individual business owners, private equity groups, professional advisors, family offices, and potential buyers and investors with unique, customized services, that are carefully tailored to meet their specific goals. You may be surprised in how thorough we are to understand the goal up front and then create a detailed strategic plan — then we follow up with professional, intentional execution.